I was fortunate to have Ben as my TA during my immersive web development course. He has a way of explaining programming principles that neither overwhelms nor patronizes the student. It’s clear that he remembers what it was like to be a beginner, and he stays impressively patient while working with the student, neither leaving them to flail in the deep end nor harming their learning process by giving the answers away or encouraging shortcuts. Talk to Ben about programming and it’s clear that he has a great passion for the field and lots of enthusiasm and energy to share that with others.

Zachary Totta
Software Engineer
San Francisco

Ben Benjamin knows what it means to go from 0 to 1 as a young programmer. He's exactly the tutor I'd choose if I were entering this field brand new: he has put in the effort to understand and practice all of the most important concepts and technologies programmers need to be successful.

Philip Hughes
VP of Engineering at PowerForward
Los Angeles

I reached out to Ben for help on coding JavaScript and I’ve met with him now about 4-5 times. Every session with him is ‘eye’ opening because he breaks down what is really happening in the code. He explains code in a very understandable way. He’s very patient and he shows me how the code connects to other pieces/parts that I need to learn. I recommend Ben highly if you need a coding tutor, I’ll be using him in the future.

With Ben, I was able to build my first website. Not only did he help bring exactly what I had envisioned to life, but he was also a wonderful teacher when instructing me on how to update and maintain the site’s code myself.

Alex Pachino
Los Angeles

Before working with Ben, I had a very rudimentary understanding of coding. I brought him the shell of my site and over the course of our time together we explored everything from basic coding elements to the fundamentals of the Internet.

Moira Mackesy-Green
Los Angeles

Ben is a creative engineer.... He insists on a deep and holistic understanding of all of the technology he wields. He can make esoteric concepts relatable, complex topics simple, scary things fun, and drudgery into poetry.


Ben is a freelance programmer and instructor currently located in Los Angeles. He has a deep passion for teaching and sharing information. He is available for individual / group lessons in person or remotely via screenshare. His spirit pokemon is ivysaur